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Summer Vacations
October 26, 2017
slip n slide faceplant
Backyard Bash
October 26, 2017

Sunday Mournings


stu-hangoverHow are you feeling this morning? Horrible, right? Too many beers and you really didn’t need all those shots on top of everything. Yeah I’m right there with you this morning. I don’t want to make you feel any worse, but go take a look in your wallet. I’ll wait.

What happened?!? You had like $100 when you went out and you didn’t think you spent that much, right? Yeah I’m right there with you, again. I shouldn’t have bought that round of shots for everyone; and it looks like I love to drop $100 just to feel horrible today. I should have just spent $50 and I would feel 100 times better and actually have a little cash left in my pocket.

If I could save that $50 every time I go out, I could save like a $1000 a month (haha not really, but I legitimately could save around $200 a month). Then, if I used Dollar Investment Club to invest that $200 every month, I could have $118,615.01 in 20 years! That saves me a lot of money and even more headaches. Now, if you’d excuse me, I need to go lay down before something horrible happens.

*Numbers assume an annualized return of 8%.