Sunday Mournings
October 26, 2017
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Parking Lot Party
October 26, 2017

Backyard Bash

slip n slide faceplant

slip n slide faceplantBack in the day, every single summer I would always hear people talking about what a great time they had over the weekend at the water park with their families; and how it was such a fun way to stay cool during the hot summer days. After saying how much fun it was they would then complain about the $25 it costs for admission along with the $10 hotdog and soda combo they bought for lunch. Then it comes without saying that the closest water park near us was over two hours away, so you know their parents weren’t too thrilled paying for gas for that long day trip. All those expenses add up quickly, and a trip to the water park could easily cost around $250 for the day.

So, after hearing this I naturally would ask myself, “Why are these people so stupid?’ ‘Has all this sun just fried their brains?” But, then I realized they just weren’t as lucky as me, and they don’t really know the truth about my dad and how he is a downright god when it came to building our very own waterworks fun in our backyard every summer. I feel kind of bad that not everyone got the same summer experience that my siblings and I got each summer. He came up with too many games, rides, and activities over the years to remember them all; but there were three that I’ll never forget.

With the first being the massive slip ‘n slide made out of a bunch of extra large trash bags duct taped together. Then there was the intense water gun fights between the siblings, where I would just downright dominate my brothers and sister with my Super Soaker 3500 and my water balloon grenades. Then lastly there was my favorite, which was our water slide, where we would slide down our old ten-foot metal slide. This slide wasn’t just any normal slide, because there were a couple hoses attached to the top of it, so the water would race us down to the bottom where there was a dug out mud pit waiting for us. But, while on the slide, you better of hoped you caught the water flow just right, because the slide was just baking in the sun where the metal would get so hot it used to burn our bare skin on impact; and while we were enjoying ourselves in our backyard water park my parents were enjoying saving all that coin on costly summer day trips. Yup, genius right?