August 22, 2019

Hydration Inflation

An article by G.E. Miller from 20 Something Finance pointed out that you could fill 4,787 water bottles with tap water for $2.10. That’s right, $2.10.  So let’s say you buy bottled water 5 times a week at a $1, not only are you buying the equivalent of over 9,000 bottles of tap water a week, you are spending $260 per year that could be used to have an over flowing investment account.  Better yet, invest into Pepsi, Coke, Danone, Nestle, or one of the other companies that have figured out that selling us tap water, is pretty good business.  
August 15, 2019

Look Good, Play Good

Saving money comes in all shapes and sizes, so let’s get into your dirty clothes.  The first and easiest thing to do is wash your clothes in cold water, your garments won’t care and you can maybe save a hundred bucks a year.  Your future you will appreciate the $4,942.29 in your pocket if that money compounds at 8% for twenty years.  What your future you will really appreciate is that cold water uses by some estimates 75% less energy. Another win. Finally, be diligent about cutting your dry cleaning by a third (brush it up and hang it up) and save $500 per year or more.  
August 9, 2019

Tailgate on a Budget

It may be August, but soon it will be time to hit the tailgating circuit.  Tailgating is all about the game plan, the team, and the beverages, but should not be about spending all of your future assets.  First, your game plan…bulk buying and using cash back apps like www.Ibotta.com can go a long way on saving some dough prior to the big game.  Now the team, make sure all of your friends chip in and share in the bountiful spread that even the Buffalo Bills deserve.  (Speaking of the Bills, do not spend very much money on your tables)  Finally, when it comes to beverages, simple is better, paying less is more and more is a win. Winning!!  
August 1, 2019

Meal Planning, Set the Four Courses

One key money saving tip is to make a weekly plan for meal and grocery shopping.  By having a disciplined list you become way less inclined to spend on your impulses.  Don’t shop when you are hungry or without a plan.  Interestingly, the growing popularity of delivered meal services, while more expensive in the absolute, could be a great way to control meal spending and grocery stops, ultimately saving both time and money, while serving up dishes that would appeal not only to Martha Stewart but maybe Snoop Dog too.  
July 25, 2019

Convenience Store Sushi

When we are home, Americans on average eat out 4-5 times per week and spend over $1200 per year on fast food alone.  Now as we head into peak travel season, this cost of food dramatically sky rockets higher. At the Dollar Investment Club we are always looking for ways to save money and invest in ourselves and here are some ideas. Breakfast is the easiest meal to save on. If not included with your stay, bring boxed individual bowls of cereal, bagels and cream cheese, or pre-made breakfast sandwiches in a cooler.  Beware of the $7 dollar glass of orange juice for all the kids at your favorite pancake house. Lunch is all about sandwiches which travel well either on the road or at the beach. Dinner is a bit harder but there is nothing wrong with a baguette, cheese and a bottle of wine. The key to saving money on the road is to plan a little and stay away from convenience store sushi a lot.