What is DINC?

DINC is the affectionately known acronym for Dollar Investment Club, a membership of young and old who have banded together to take control of their financial futures.

DINC’s understand that their independence depends on making the right big-picture choices, even though some of their daily choices are suspect, particularly to their elders.

DINC’s maneuver throughout their days knowing that simple, behind the scenes moves that they make today can unleash the force of compounding returns.


Members of DINC enjoy the strength that comes with the confidence of knowing that at least when it comes to money; they are doing the right things. DINC is radically simple. It starts with a simple investment philosophy, young people that make minor changes to their spending habits can afford to systematically invest and let the power of compounding work in their favor. You “SET” your account through a simple online process that automatically puts you into the game. You “SAVE” by linking your bank account to an investment account and having any amount of $100 or more invested for you monthly. You “GROW” by using a proven strategy of investing small amounts monthly combined with the power of compound returns. There you have it “Set, Save, and Grow”!