Why Join Dollar Investment Club?

Why should you join Dollar Investment Club? DINC knows and understands their members. We relate to what is the most important things we spend money on, even when we have no money. DINC will give you specific timely cost-saving ideas that are geared to people our age. With these savings, we will easily invest your money as if it were our own. With the benefit of TIME, the long-term effect of simple lifestyle changes can be life changing.

DINC is easy to join and the results could change your life forever.

Who is DINC For?

DINC is for anyone that understands that good decisions made today can compound into great results in a matter of years. DINCS are young people beginning their careers or young families that want a better future. DINCS are also experienced parents and grandparents that understand the value of saving and compounding results. DINCS want and get the best things in life today, but also understand that minor changes in self-affirming habits can lead to the freedom that financial independence brings. DINC is for people that understand that simple is good and over time it can be great.

Why DINC Works?

Compounding works because it acts like a financial ninja. You really don’t see it coming. It works because it does not alter your lifestyle in anyway. It works because time is your friend and for many young people, time is what they’ve got. It works because there is no pain and there is the opportunity for possible gain.

What is Compounding?

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it.. earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” This is a quote attributed to Albert Einstein, our investment hero. Earning returns on returns as it is added to principal may create wealth at an accelerated pace as compared to simple interest.

For our purposes, we aim to use compound returns as opposed to compound interest as our investment guide. While one earns interest on interest, the other earns a return on returns. Compound returns are generally expressed on a yearly average basis, but the goal is the same, positive yearly earnings on both the principal and the cumulative effect of previous total returns. Whether it is yearly interest, or yearly total return, the compounding effect works like magic…

Like a double-edged sword, compounding goes both ways. Negative returns on top of negative returns can accelerate poor performance for an investor. Paying credit card or other debt interest on interest also has the same dark effect on your wealth.

There you have it, whether it be compounding returns or compounding interest, the effects magnify the results. The key is to invest, sit back, and let compounding happen.