June 13, 2019

Get Off That Hamster Wheel

Time to get off that hamster wheel of spending, you are not going to get the nut.  When it comes to impulse buying, retailers, particularly on-line retailers, know how to make you jump.  How about a 28 day rehab?  Live a spartan existence for one month, only buying things that you need to survive and maybe this cleansing will not only short circuit some bad habits, you could save the difference and invest like a champ.  
June 6, 2019

Auto Pay That Cell Bill

Cell phone bills are automatic and so should your monthly investing. By simply opting for auto-pay ($5-$10 off monthly bill) and dropping insurance (if you have the guts, or an older phone) could save you over $300 per year. When it comes to your phone, live life on the edge and invest the difference.  
May 23, 2019

Cut The Cord

Cut the cord and then cut the bill.  Typical cable bills are $100 and up per month. How many times can you watch “Good Times” or “Mayberry RFD” without totally losing your mind? Get your TV through Disney Plus, Netflix, and HBO and save over $50 per month.  With the savings we can buy the stocks of Disney, Netflix, and AT&T instead!