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Australia Bound: Weekend Activities
November 3, 2017
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Day 64: One Man’s Trash, That’s Another Man’s Come-Up
November 3, 2017

Day 70: Getting Paid For What You Love

volleyball funny

volleyball funnySo I have a part time job coaching volleyball for one of our local club teams. The tryouts start in September and it is a highly competitive club. I was grocery shopping the other day and bumped into one of my player’s parent. We got to talking and I told her if her daughter ever needed a little extra help before the season started she should just give me a call and we could set something up. Well next thing I know I am giving her daughter private lessons.

Every Tuesday I meet her at their gym; we set up a net and work on things that are specific to her needs. It is a great way for me to teach skills one on one and work on her weaknesses with her. Not to mention the family pays me buy the hour. It has been a great gig and a great extra income coming in. I get to go work out and play volleyball and help out one of my favorite players and get paid. Tuesdays are starting to become one of my favorite nights of the week. On top of coaching some private lessons, I also helped out with a soccer camp last week.

For two nights I went to the field from 5:00-8:00pm. Working with the same age group I coach for volleyball, I was able to get back into my soccer grove and teach these kids the fundamentals of soccer, the game I loved playing growing up. These nights were also paid. Altogether I was able to put $480 into my Australia fund from coaching. With the season starting up again for my primary coaching job I will be receiving a small income from that each month. To be able to do what I love and coach and make a little money from it is so much fun. If you were once a high school stud, look around your neighborhood. Pick up a part time coaching job. Trust me it will be the best thing you do! #beaDINC #Australia2014 #day70