Australia Bound: So Many Weddings!
November 3, 2017
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Day 70: Getting Paid For What You Love
November 3, 2017

Australia Bound: Weekend Activities

pile of coins

In the summer I rarely get a free weekend. From weddings to BBQs to vacations it’s rare I ever get a free moment to myself. This weekend was the best weekend of the summer so far. I woke up late, made some amazing meals and just hung out for once. Had no deadlines, no places to be the only thing I had to do was to relax. And that relaxation lasted for about twenty minutes. I needed to do something I couldn’t just lay on the couch for two days straight. I started thinking about Australia and panicking about how I was going to get there and how I needed to find more ways to find money. I have had a coin jar going for my trip and decided this would be the weekend I count and roll the coins. I wasn’t thinking there was a lot in there so I turned on the TV and aimlessly started rolling away.

An hour went by and I looked down at my pile. I had $50 just from coins around the house. It might not seem like a lot and it’s definitely not enough to get to my goal of $2,500 but I was enjoying a lazy weekend watching TV and made $50 from it! I was so excited by this little accomplishment that I needed to make more. What else could I do this weekend to make some extra cash? Our house is full of beer drinkers and we don’t usually take our cans out on trash day, we just kinda leave them under the steps until someone decides to return them. So I cleaned out the garage cleaned under the steps and returned seven big bags of recyclables to the store. Spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with a homeless man but hey you know what I walked out of there with another $20. So all together for my nonproductive, relaxing weekend I made $70 for my trip!

Not bad for a couch potato! #Australia2014 #beaDINC #day78