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Day 64: One Man’s Trash, That’s Another Man’s Come-Up
November 3, 2017
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Pay Yourself First
November 6, 2017

Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal

home alone

home alone

Have any of you seen the commercials in the past about the keep the change program your banks are offering? Tons of Banks are offering a free program where they round up all the purchases you make to the nearest dollar and put that difference in your savings account. This is an easy way to stash some extra money with no effort at all (minus the 5 minutes it’ll take to setup). You can save $750-$1,000 per year without even trying, not to mention your bank account will move in whole dollar amounts making it easier to keep track of. At DINC, we want you to sign up, keep the change, invest it, and watch it grow.

The hardest part of investing is getting started, you think that $50 into your investment account isn’t going to make a difference, and when you get a raise and make more, you’ll just invest more to catch up. Let me tell you that won’t happen, you’ll get the raise and just spend more. If you start with something as simple as the keep the change program, you won’t even know your saving money, you literally don’t have to do a single thing! After a few months you will have your first DINC investment, after a year or two, you will have a good size account.

Once you start gaining momentum it will change everything and you will become hooked on growing your account and saving money, and this all started without you even trying. So, you can be Kevin McCallister and “Keep the change, you filthy animal”, or Merv aka Wet Bandit and “Suck Brick Kid!”, your call.