October 18, 2018
A Show About Nothing
November 16, 2018

Credit Card Bosses

Credit card discipline…

If you have the will power to pay off your cards every month to avoid finance charges, these cards can be a source of wealth.  Imagine you get an unlimited cash back percentage of 1.5% and you use your card for $60,000 in purchases.  That is $900 towards your Dollar Investment Club investment of $1200 per year ($100 per month)!  At 8% a year, that $300 out of your pocket that could very well compound to over $58,000 in twenty years. 

Be the credit card boss and when you are at the club, be the one that pays the bills and gets Venmo cash from everyone else…unless you are running in London with members of the Jacksonville Jags, then keep your card at home!