The Power of Time
November 29, 2018
Big Up in Smoke
January 28, 2019

Average Achievers vs. High Achievers

Average achievers tell themselves ”I can only do a little so I might as well do nothing.” High achievers say to themselves, “Even if I can only do a little, I’m going to do as much as I can.” You may not have the whole day, but you have 15 minutes. Put those minutes to good use. They are the little things that will take you to your goals.

As the late Zig Ziglar pointed out, “I lost 37 pounds in ten months by losing 1.9 ounces- per day. I wrote ‘See You At The Top,’ a 384 page, 2 million copy best seller, by writing an average of 1.26 pages every day for ten months. People who are successful at whatever they do, reach their objectives, by a series of little things they do every day.”

Daily discipline adds up. Ever watch a  small drip of water into a bucket?  Come back 4 days later and that empty bucket is now overflowing. Drip drip drip. Small repeating habits; it’s the stuff winners are made of.