October 26, 2017
toothless bum

Horrible Hygiene?

Something we have yet to discuss here at DINC is the importance of hygiene and how it is an essential part of our everyday lifestyle. Today I want to discuss the importance of dental hygiene. Although quite an easy concept, it can quickly be overlooked. Most people wake up, brush their teeth, go about their day, then come home and get ready for bed, yet again brushing their teeth before their slumber. Now, sometimes I know you’re “too tired” to get up and walk the few steps to get to the bathroom to brush your teeth. Or, yes, “you forgot,” as if you couldn’t tell by how horrendous your breath was once you got to work. Here are the consequences if you seem to find yourself forgetting more often than not… The cost of just an examination at the dentist is about $30. A cleaning costs anywhere between $40-$60. Fillings for cavities range from $75-$150 for silver fillings and $150-$250 for white fillings. A crown can cost anywhere between $300-$800. I don’t want to even get into the more serious stuff because you will fall off your chair at how expensive it is. So, here’s DINC’s advice to avoid these outrageous prices that will add up quickly: Be aware of your dental hygiene, invest in some type of dental assistance like a water pick, make sure you visit the dentist at least once a year, pay in cash at every visit, and keep brushing your teeth twice a day!
October 26, 2017

Your Saturday Audible

We are into September and that means fall is here. At DINC we love this time of year; the cool air sets in, the leaves change, and of course football starts again. Who doesn’t love the perfect fall Saturday; I’m sure you know what I am talking about; those days the air is just cool enough where you aren’t cold but want to put on a nice warm sweatshirt, you have a crock-pot of chili on in the kitchen, a 12 pack of your favorite beer, and a full day of football on TV. These are some of the most relaxing and greatest days of the year and if you disagree, I implore you to try it. Seriously, Saturday around 11:00, run to the store, pick up the ingredients for some chili (if you don’t like chili find another slow cooker meal you like), you also might want to get a few snacks, and finally grab a few beers, wine, or whatever you like best. When you get back to your house, throw everything in the crock-pot and turn it on, put the drinks in the fridge (DINC TIP: throw a few drinks in the freezer as well), now go put on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt. If you don’t have anyone to hang out with, call some of your friends over, it’s always more fun with other people around. It should be around 12-12:30 now; perfect, the games are starting. Once the drinks in the freezer are ice cold get one, grab your snacks, kick your feet up and relax while watching America’s sport. Not too bad right? Even for you non-football lovers you can see how great this is. Wait!, its around 2pm and you’re getting pretty hungry, oh no problem, chili is on so go grab a […]
October 26, 2017
luke bryan jason aldean

Parking Lot Party

Summers are the most popular time to head out and catch a concert. You get to enjoy the wonderful summer weather, have a couple of beers, and listen to some live music. However, these outings can become very expensive. From transportation to the necessary amount of alcohol, concerts add up very quickly. Here at DINC, we have developed some fool proof ideas to help you save a couple bucks and maybe even pay for your concert ticket, so you can enjoy your outing for free. If you plan to go to a concert that is very popular, let’s just say you want to go to Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean (two large country artists for all of you still listening to the rap crap #nojudgement #countryisbetter). Now, these two artists are like a country music lovers dream come true, so chances are tickets are going to be expensive and are going to sell out very quickly. What you want to do, being the DINC member that you are, is buy at least two extras. Why two? So you can sell them and make a profit; and let’s be honest, nobody’s going to want to go to the concert alone, so you need at least two to sell. Don’t be afraid you won’t sell them because you will…trust me. I mean, it’s Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean; their concerts sell out in minutes. Now, once at the concert, you will probably do some pregame drinking in the parking lot. This, my friends, is where there is an opportunity to make some cash. I have seen everything being sold at concerts from t-shirts, to Jell-O shots, to grilled cheese sandwiches, so put on your entrepreneurial thinking caps and think of something that will make you stand out from all the other crazies. […]
October 26, 2017
slip n slide faceplant

Backyard Bash

Back in the day, every single summer I would always hear people talking about what a great time they had over the weekend at the water park with their families; and how it was such a fun way to stay cool during the hot summer days. After saying how much fun it was they would then complain about the $25 it costs for admission along with the $10 hotdog and soda combo they bought for lunch. Then it comes without saying that the closest water park near us was over two hours away, so you know their parents weren’t too thrilled paying for gas for that long day trip. All those expenses add up quickly, and a trip to the water park could easily cost around $250 for the day. So, after hearing this I naturally would ask myself, “Why are these people so stupid?’ ‘Has all this sun just fried their brains?” But, then I realized they just weren’t as lucky as me, and they don’t really know the truth about my dad and how he is a downright god when it came to building our very own waterworks fun in our backyard every summer. I feel kind of bad that not everyone got the same summer experience that my siblings and I got each summer. He came up with too many games, rides, and activities over the years to remember them all; but there were three that I’ll never forget. With the first being the massive slip ‘n slide made out of a bunch of extra large trash bags duct taped together. Then there was the intense water gun fights between the siblings, where I would just downright dominate my brothers and sister with my Super Soaker 3500 and my water balloon grenades. Then lastly there was my […]
October 26, 2017

Sunday Mournings

How are you feeling this morning? Horrible, right? Too many beers and you really didn’t need all those shots on top of everything. Yeah I’m right there with you this morning. I don’t want to make you feel any worse, but go take a look in your wallet. I’ll wait. What happened?!? You had like $100 when you went out and you didn’t think you spent that much, right? Yeah I’m right there with you, again. I shouldn’t have bought that round of shots for everyone; and it looks like I love to drop $100 just to feel horrible today. I should have just spent $50 and I would feel 100 times better and actually have a little cash left in my pocket. If I could save that $50 every time I go out, I could save like a $1000 a month (haha not really, but I legitimately could save around $200 a month). Then, if I used Dollar Investment Club to invest that $200 every month, I could have $118,615.01 in 20 years! That saves me a lot of money and even more headaches. Now, if you’d excuse me, I need to go lay down before something horrible happens. *Numbers assume an annualized return of 8%.