October 26, 2017
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Technical Savings

Everyday we see the increase in technology from voice activation to finger tip sensors. It’s almost scary to think of the future and what electronics our kids will be asking for on Christmas. With all these new advancements we make there comes a price tag. I updated to a 5S i-Phone a couple of weeks ago (I know finally, right? Things been out like a year already). The lady selling me the phone was trying to convince me to wait and buy the 6th. The 6th i-Phone will have all new features and capabilities and by the time the 7th comes we will have holographic screens. This is some crazy futuristic stuff coming into our daily lives. So in order to keep up with the growing trends and still be able to put food on the table here are five helpful tips. Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/etc.-Whichever ways you choose to watch your TV shows or movies make sure you are buying one subscription. The best part about having an account with one of these companies is that you can put multiple devices on one account. So hop on your parents account and enjoy free streaming. You’re welcome. Unplug. Whenever you aren’t using your computer, cell phone charges, TVs, or anything else you have plugged into the walls at all times…unplug them. When you leave things plugged in you are still using energy or standby power. Not only will you electric bill go down each month but you will also be helping the environment. Skype/Text for free. There are plenty of different services out there that allow you to call and text for free. For example, HeyWire and TextNow allow you to text to anyone in the U.S. for free! Stop paying overages for data use with your i-Messaging and get these Apps today. […]
October 26, 2017
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From The End Spring New Beginnings

“From the end spring new beginnings.” -Pliny the elder. As spring finally (and I mean finally) begins to make an appearance, everyone seems to be in higher spirits filled with endless possibilities. Spring means summer is right around the corner and those dreadful winter days are just a dark memory. With all the positive bright energy circulating in your life, take a minute to reflect the importance of spring. Spring represents growth and new beginnings; a chance for you to come out of your winter blues and spring into action. Now is a perfect time for you to reevaluate where you are in your finances no matter where you are in your career. A recent article on Yahoo Finance stated that people in their twenties should be expected to save $7 million dollars for their retirement. This article pretty much hit the nail on the head of what Dollar Investment Club is all about. Just by looking at the math, you can see that you actually LOSE OUT ON MONEY by starting to save for retirement at a later age. It makes more sense to start saving money now so you can allow your investment to COMPOUND OVER TIME. Time is your greatest friend in your financial planning and it is imperative that you take the time to understand this NOW. (Want to read more:–7-million-for-retirement-184050231.html) In taking this feeling of empowerment that comes with spring, take charge of your finances and know exactly where and what your goals are for your future. Dollar Investment Club can apply to all individuals: whether you are just starting your financial planning or you have already been saving for years (highly unlikely but I commend those of you who have). Let’s break it down so that no seedling gets left behind. Stages of […]
October 26, 2017
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Saving for Spring

March 20 marks the first day of spring and it honestly could not come soon enough. As us DINCs have embraced one of the most difficult winters in our lifetime, we are more than ready to spring into spring. Along with the nicer weather comes the spring cleaning. With spring cleaning comes opportunities for you to save some money or even make some quick cash. All you need is a Saturday afternoon, determination, and a six pack to celebrate. The first task is usually your bedroom. As it is your personal space, the necessity for it to be the cleanest room in your house is a lower priority. However, it has the potential to have the largest return. First, start with your closet. Go through you entire closet and take EVERYTHING out. Separate your clothes into three piles: Keep, Maybe, and Sell. You must try on every piece of clothing. This is essential to this process. There is no need to keep something if you think “Oh but what if I lose some weight” or “Well I could wear this to a ball if I get invited.” NO! If you don’t wear it now, you won’t wear it in the future. Once you have gathered your garbage bag of clothes together, take them to your local thrift shop (ex. Plato’s Closet) and sell them back for quick cash. Also, look around for any electronic devices you might have that you aren’t using anymore. The sooner you can sell those, the more cash you can get. Don’t let your old phones, tablets, etc. take up space in you drawers, sell them online or take them right in and see how much you can get! Once you are done with your bedroom, its time to take on the rest of your house/apartment/loft where […]
October 26, 2017
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Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again…that dreadful holiday where you actually have to show your special someone how you feel about them, in full detailed poems, hearts, sparkles… the works. In order to make this holiday perfect for you and your love make sure to read our helpful hints to make this “the greatest night of her life”. The typical Valentine’s Day goes something like this: flowers sent to her at the office, pick her up for a candle lit romantic dinner, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries for dessert and to top off the night a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Picture perfect right? Yea until your next credit card bill comes in… So follow our words of advice and you will have that “perfect” night. Instead of going out to dinner where you’ll be waiting hours for a table, have no privacy, unable to hear each other speak and the inevitable poor service…make dinner for your significant other. Not only will you get the privacy that you wanted but your girlfriend will LOVE that you took the time to make her dinner (brownie points). You’ll be saving money and getting credit for trying (when your food turns out terrible make sure to have takeout on speed dial). If cooking really is too much pressure for you check out Groupon or Living Social for some great deals. You can find local restaurants that are giving away great deals and discounts for you two love birds. When it comes to gifts remember minimize but don’t eliminate. For instance, instead of paying for a dozen red roses bring her one. If you want to really go all cute, buy one rose for each year you have been together. No one likes all of the chocolates in the heart box; there is always the left […]
October 26, 2017
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New Years Resolution

As we reach the end of another year we start that endless task of making our New Years resolutions. The list usually consists of the same thing each year; go to the gym, eat healthier, find a new hobby, blah blah blah the list goes on and on. The month of January the gym is filled with every elliptical and treadmill in use. You then continue with this motivation and get yourself on one of those hyped up diet fads that are “guaranteed” to help you lose 10 pounds in just 3 days! Halfway through January you start to pat yourself on the back, you did it! You are on the road to success! But then at the end of January as the weather goes from pretty Christmas snowflakes to ugly black mud, you begin to lose your motivation. By February you have created a different excuse for each day of the week to NOT go to the gym: “It’s snowing”, “I’m tired, but Ill definitely go tomorrow”, “My friend NEEDS me to meet for a drink to talk about some guy she met last Saturday night” the list goes on and on. And after you have mastered the excuses that will also convince that not going to the gym is in your best interest you will start to see that the “10 pounds” you lost in January was actually just the water weight that you would inevitably put right back on once the diet is “complete”. So while you are all sitting at home right now get totally amped up to start the New Year off right and scribbling away all of the things you would like to accomplish, let me help you and tell you the one and only thing you should write down for this New Year. […]