October 26, 2017
black friday shoppers

Black Friday Rush

Thanksgiving is a great time to see family and friends and discuss what you are thankful for in your life. After you talk about how “great your life is” and “nothing is more important than family” you start to prepare for the real kick off to the holiday season… Black Friday. All those emotions and fake tears about the goodness of giving seem to disappear and coupons and credit card limits become our main priority. If you have never gone Black Friday shopping, you really don’t know what you are missing. Some people just go for the experience. Others go from the guilt of all the eating the night before; you have to find some way to work it off. But most go for the deals, the door busters, the bargains…you get the point. Now it’s probably quite obvious that us DINC members LOVE BLACK FRIDAY! So as to not to bore you, I won’t go into all the details of how you can save money because it’s quite obvious I mean they literally created a shopping day for people to save money. What I want to point out is the importance of sucking it up, getting off the couch and joining the crazies out there in the “black market”. Really, really hate the idea of being stuck in crowds and overwhelmed but an abundance of people?  I know just the thing for you! It’s called CYBER MONDAY! All you have to do is sit on your couch, eat leftover turkey, click with one finger, and shop! They have amazing deals and most of the stores have free shipping. This season, get a jump start on your holiday shopping, get out on Black Friday and enjoy the rush. If your too lazy don’t worry, you can try again on Monday. […]
October 26, 2017
woman trying on shoes

Let’s Get Some Shoes

Diamonds are a girls best friend but shoes are a very close second. They are an essential part to your daily wardrobe and shoes can make or break your outfit. While every girl lives for the day they can afford their own pair of Jimmy Choos, the modern day savvy girl can always find places with affordable shoes that mirror name brands. One of our favorite websites at Dollar Investment Club is When you sign up for the site you are asked to fill out a questionnaire that gives you many different style options for you to look through; then you pick the ones that best fit your personality. Every time thereafter you have a secret fairy shoe mother who will send you shoes that fit your individual style and taste. Each and every pair of shoes on are just $39.95, so they will never break your bank. Therefore, if the shoe fits, BUY IT! You’ll look fabulous and so will your bank account. So, hit the online shopping, pick what fits you best and let’s party DINC-ettes.
October 26, 2017
toilet paper mummy

Happy Halloween

Well October 31st is here and that means trick or treating and Halloween parties. Here at DINC we are a little old to be trick or treating but are more than ready for the parties. As always, we want to have a great time and throw the best parties but need to save money while doing it. We know all you DINC’s out there like to hear from us on our money savings tips so here we go……… What is the number one thing you need for your Halloween party? Decorations? Are you serious? The correct answer is drinks, and to be exact, themed drinks. Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Jungle Juice! (aka Bat Piss, Vampire Blood, and Zombie Sauce). It is as simple as can be; Hawaiian Punch and Kool-Aid mix in a huge jug, everyone that comes brings a beverage and dumps it into the jug. That will cost you about $30, and just use water to fill the jug and create the juice from the mix. The second thing you need is Decorations, and let me guess you don’t realize that all holiday decorations go on sale the day after, so yeah stock up this year on November 1st. A DINC member gave us a great idea on how to decorate for Halloween very cheaply; trash your house. Really, it’s a great idea, you stage your house like a murder scene, couches turned around, lights tipped over, DVD’s and books on the ground, dining room table flipped over, you get the point. Then you just get bloody hand and footprints for the floor and walls for around $20. Lastly, you take some old clothes and stuff them with newspapers to make it look like people and leave them lying on the ground with knives […]
October 26, 2017
step brothers pam pan

Wedding Woes

One random topic we discussed today, here at DINC, is ‘TUXEDOS’ and simply the rationale behind them.  We know, as men, that tuxedos are a necessity in our wardrobes for many important events throughout our lives.  Men, like us, love to sport a nice classy tuxedo, whether it be for weddings, important awards ceremonies (in our honor, of course), or any other major functions or occasions we may partake in. At DINC we talk a lot, and we rarely come to an agreement, no matter what we’re bickering about; but today was one of those few exceptions where we actually agreed upon a topic.  We agreed that tuxedos are just flat out AWESOME (well, obviously) and we all thought that an individual couldn’t look any sharper and ready to conquer the night than when they’re in their tux. But, on the other hand, we were then puzzled as to why more people don’t own their own tux. If you take the time to think about all the ceremonies, weddings, etc. you’re going to be apart of throughout your life, then why wouldn’t we all just get our own penguin suit? On average, renting a tux can easily cost us around $250 per night; while, we could buy our own from anywhere between $50-$150 off your local Craigslist or EBAY, as there are thousands of suitable tuxes listed on both domains. Now, just think of all that coin we could all be saving up by not renting tuxes. The average male will attend about three ceremonies/weddings a year starting when their 25 years old; and this trend will last for an average of ten years. That’s thirty different occasions where you will need a tux.  So, if we all rented a tux every time we needed one, at $250 a pop, […]
October 26, 2017
toothless bum

Horrible Hygiene?

Something we have yet to discuss here at DINC is the importance of hygiene and how it is an essential part of our everyday lifestyle. Today I want to discuss the importance of dental hygiene. Although quite an easy concept, it can quickly be overlooked. Most people wake up, brush their teeth, go about their day, then come home and get ready for bed, yet again brushing their teeth before their slumber. Now, sometimes I know you’re “too tired” to get up and walk the few steps to get to the bathroom to brush your teeth. Or, yes, “you forgot,” as if you couldn’t tell by how horrendous your breath was once you got to work. Here are the consequences if you seem to find yourself forgetting more often than not… The cost of just an examination at the dentist is about $30. A cleaning costs anywhere between $40-$60. Fillings for cavities range from $75-$150 for silver fillings and $150-$250 for white fillings. A crown can cost anywhere between $300-$800. I don’t want to even get into the more serious stuff because you will fall off your chair at how expensive it is. So, here’s DINC’s advice to avoid these outrageous prices that will add up quickly: Be aware of your dental hygiene, invest in some type of dental assistance like a water pick, make sure you visit the dentist at least once a year, pay in cash at every visit, and keep brushing your teeth twice a day!