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October 26, 2017
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October 26, 2017

Valentine’s Day

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fat guy cupidIt’s that time of year again…that dreadful holiday where you actually have to show your special someone how you feel about them, in full detailed poems, hearts, sparkles… the works. In order to make this holiday perfect for you and your love make sure to read our helpful hints to make this “the greatest night of her life”.

The typical Valentine’s Day goes something like this: flowers sent to her at the office, pick her up for a candle lit romantic dinner, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries for dessert and to top off the night a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Picture perfect right? Yea until your next credit card bill comes in… So follow our words of advice and you will have that “perfect” night.

Instead of going out to dinner where you’ll be waiting hours for a table, have no privacy, unable to hear each other speak and the inevitable poor service…make dinner for your significant other. Not only will you get the privacy that you wanted but your girlfriend will LOVE that you took the time to make her dinner (brownie points). You’ll be saving money and getting credit for trying (when your food turns out terrible make sure to have takeout on speed dial). If cooking really is too much pressure for you check out Groupon or Living Social for some great deals. You can find local restaurants that are giving away great deals and discounts for you two love birds.

When it comes to gifts remember minimize but don’t eliminate. For instance, instead of paying for a dozen red roses bring her one. If you want to really go all cute, buy one rose for each year you have been together. No one likes all of the chocolates in the heart box; there is always the left over coconut ones, fruit stuffed ones, etc. Find out which are her favorite and just buy a few of those from your local candy shop. Other ways to save money: make your own cards (go to a craft store and just buy everything in sight and glue it all together on one giant heart), make a photo collage of you, write a nice poem, and make her flowers origami style. The more creative you are, the more money you will save. The more effort you put in, the more she is going to think you are the world’s greatest boyfriend. So put your thinking caps on, get in touch with your inner creativity, and GOOD LUCK!

Oh yea and all you single DINCs, just go to any bar, emphasize that you are single and alone and you’ll be just fine.