There is Always a Bull Market Somewhere
November 7, 2022
Fly Birds Fly
January 23, 2023

The First Five Days are the Hardest

The first week of the year better be good.  According to Dow Jones Market Data, since 1929, if the S&P is positive after the first five trading days of the New Year, there is a 75% chance that the market ends the year higher, with an average return of 11.9%.  If true and if it happens, I like those odds.  I also like the odds of the stock market generally going higher, witness the 11.8% average return from 1928 through 2021 according to Investopedia. After going through a tough year like the past one, it is important to hold on to the long term wealth building potential of Mr. Market.  Great companies are great whether we are in a bull or bear market.