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October 26, 2017
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October 26, 2017

Saving for Spring

spring cleaning joke

spring cleaning joke

March 20 marks the first day of spring and it honestly could not come soon enough. As us DINCs have embraced one of the most difficult winters in our lifetime, we are more than ready to spring into spring. Along with the nicer weather comes the spring cleaning. With spring cleaning comes opportunities for you to save some money or even make some quick cash. All you need is a Saturday afternoon, determination, and a six pack to celebrate.

The first task is usually your bedroom. As it is your personal space, the necessity for it to be the cleanest room in your house is a lower priority. However, it has the potential to have the largest return. First, start with your closet. Go through you entire closet and take EVERYTHING out. Separate your clothes into three piles: Keep, Maybe, and Sell. You must try on every piece of clothing. This is essential to this process. There is no need to keep something if you think “Oh but what if I lose some weight” or “Well I could wear this to a ball if I get invited.” NO! If you don’t wear it now, you won’t wear it in the future. Once you have gathered your garbage bag of clothes together, take them to your local thrift shop (ex. Plato’s Closet) and sell them back for quick cash. Also, look around for any electronic devices you might have that you aren’t using anymore. The sooner you can sell those, the more cash you can get. Don’t let your old phones, tablets, etc. take up space in you drawers, sell them online or take them right in and see how much you can get!

Once you are done with your bedroom, its time to take on the rest of your house/apartment/loft where ever you may live. Dusting can be a tedious but crucial task in saving you cash. Fix these few easy areas in your house and you will be saving plenty in the months to come. Clean and dust fridge coils, light bulbs, lint trap, and any vents you may have. This will save on your electric bill and help you put your saved money back into your pocket. Make sure to also clean inside your dishwasher, washer, and shower to make sure everything is running properly and smoothly. When you have finished your house, count up all the money you have earned and treat yourself to a nice cool one. You’ll be ready for spring and ready to open an account with Dollar Investment Club.

P.S. There are tons of others ways to save money in the Springtime. Try these four free activities to save some money while still have a great time!

  1. Want to go out for dinner? Try a restaurant that lets you BYOB. Many restaurants will have one night during the week where you can bring a bottle of wine. So drink and relax and don’t break the bank!
  2. Cancel your gym membership and start doing your workouts outside. Its raining out? No worries, there are a million videos online to follow or buy a workout tape.
  3. Need a date night? Take advantage of free concerts or movies.
  4. Buy a Bike! Easiest form of transportation that gets you outside and moving, cuts down your gas bill, and is a fun way to enjoy the long awaited sun!