The Race to Zero
August 27, 2019
Talk is Cheap
October 23, 2019

Route Zero through the Beltway

The year 2019 may go down as the year of zero for our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. It begins (and ends in his mind) with our President, as he continues to bait and bash the Fed chairman about getting interest rates down closer to zero. He is certainly not the first president to want low rates but definitely is the most outspoken. Speaking of outspoken, as the opposition begins to mount their presidential challenge in 2020, the talk is again zero, zero cost tuition, zero cost healthcare for all, and zero gas emissions. Not to be outdone, the hometown Redskins, jumping on the bandwagon, have a legitimate chance to have zero wins by the end of the year. Alas, Wall Street cannot miss a party and late last week the large discount firms embraced zero commissions. The Skin’s can’t go less than zero, can they?