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March 20, 2018
Take My GE Out of the Dow, Please
June 25, 2018

It’s Only Money

There is a lot of talk about U.S. company market caps this week as Apple Inc. nears the trillion dollar milestone. 

A trillion dollar company, why not?  We had the first billion dollar company, U.S. Steel in 1901, over 117 years ago.  We had the first 100 billion dollar man, Jeff Bezos, last year.  It is just a well-deserved number for Apple Inc. now. 

Not to bring people down, but GE had a market cap of $594 billion in August 2000 and unfortunately that number is $118 billion today, down about $476 billion. 

To put this into a weird  perspective, $1,000 dollar bills would need to be stacked 63 MILES high to equal a trillion. Has your mind been blown yet?