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October 26, 2017
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October 26, 2017

Happy Halloween

toilet paper mummy

kool aid manWell October 31st is here and that means trick or treating and Halloween parties. Here at DINC we are a little old to be trick or treating but are more than ready for the parties. As always, we want to have a great time and throw the best parties but need to save money while doing it. We know all you DINC’s out there like to hear from us on our money savings tips so here we go………

What is the number one thing you need for your Halloween party? Decorations? Are you serious? The correct answer is drinks, and to be exact, themed drinks. Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Jungle Juice! (aka Bat Piss, Vampire Blood, and Zombie Sauce). It is as simple as can be; Hawaiian Punch and Kool-Aid mix in a huge jug, everyone that comes brings a beverage and dumps it into the jug. That will cost you about $30, and just use water to fill the jug and create the juice from the mix.

The second thing you need is Decorations, and let me guess you don’t realize that all holiday decorations go on sale the day after, so yeah stock up this year on November 1st. A DINC member gave us a great idea on how to decorate for Halloween very cheaply; trash your house. Really, it’s a great idea, you stage your house like a murder scene, couches turned around, lights tipped over, DVD’s and books on the ground, dining room table flipped over, you get the point. Then you just get bloody hand and footprints for the floor and walls for around $20. Lastly, you take some old clothes and stuff them with newspapers to make it look like people and leave them lying on the ground with knives in them and fake blood, its brilliant.

worms in dirt dessertOk we covered drinks and decorations, on to food. So we need a couple things for people to munch on during the night, we got you covered again. Zombie guts, just spaghetti and red meat sauce couldn’t be any cheaper, just add a good presentation with another fake body on your table and the bowl of spaghetti where the stomach would be. Another option, bat brains, just get ground beef shape it into a ball, cook it, and put a toothpick in it. For dessert, worms in mud, a couple batches of brownies with gummy worms sticking out of it (or if you want to spend a tiny bit more, chocolate pudding with crushed up oreos on top and gummy worms coming out of it). All your food for less than $40.

The last thing you are going to need is your costume (if you’re into that type of thing). Hang a cereal box on a string around your neck and stick a fake knife in it; you’re a cereal (serial) killer, haha. By the way, take our advice on the fake knife because after the jungle juice you might fall a few times. Or you could wrap yourself in toilet paper and be a mummy.

toilet paper mummyWELL, there you have it, an awesome Halloween party for under $90, split that with your roommate or friend and your even better off. Yeah yeah, YOUR WELCOME, DINC does it again. Happy Halloween!