Can a Fifth Grader Tell Us Why the Market is Up?
May 29, 2020
Pass Fail Finances
July 16, 2020


It is halftime for 2020, as we just finished one of the most volatile 2 quarters in history.  From hugging out all-time highs in February to a devastating 30% drop in March as investors shunned stocks and each other, we have now rebounded in the second quarter to get back much of those losses.  As a result of the pandemic, trends that took years or decades just happened in a matter of weeks.  Think about it, since March half of all Americans employed are now working remotely and we viewed over 6 billion hours of Netflix in April alone.  Companies that adapt to the new normal could be the long-term winners from a very bad situation.  According to Goldman Sachs, we all still need to do our part, as their research shows that wearing masks could substitute for some of the potential closings from Covid-19, and prevent a 5% hit to GDP, or one trillion dollars just from covering your face.