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Saving for Spring
October 26, 2017
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October 26, 2017

From The End Spring New Beginnings

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

“From the end spring new beginnings.”

-Pliny the elder.

As spring finally (and I mean finally) begins to make an appearance, everyone seems to be in higher spirits filled with endless possibilities. Spring means summer is right around the corner and those dreadful winter days are just a dark memory. With all the positive bright energy circulating in your life, take a minute to reflect the importance of spring. Spring represents growth and new beginnings; a chance for you to come out of your winter blues and spring into action. Now is a perfect time for you to reevaluate where you are in your finances no matter where you are in your career.

A recent article on Yahoo Finance stated that people in their twenties should be expected to save $7 million dollars for their retirement. This article pretty much hit the nail on the head of what Dollar Investment Club is all about. Just by looking at the math, you can see that you actually LOSE OUT ON MONEY by starting to save for retirement at a later age. It makes more sense to start saving money now so you can allow your investment to COMPOUND OVER TIME. Time is your greatest friend in your financial planning and it is imperative that you take the time to understand this NOW.

(Want to read more: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/a-20-year-old-will-need-to-save–7-million-for-retirement-184050231.html)

In taking this feeling of empowerment that comes with spring, take charge of your finances and know exactly where and what your goals are for your future. Dollar Investment Club can apply to all individuals: whether you are just starting your financial planning or you have already been saving for years (highly unlikely but I commend those of you who have). Let’s break it down so that no seedling gets left behind.

Stages of Spring with Dollar Investment Club

  1. Rebirth- You could be at the rebirth stage-the stage at which you are not yet investing yet but are realizing after learning all of this fun information that now is probably the time to get started. Let’s start slow for you…even just a $100 a month can have an enormous impact on your earning potential. Your first step is to become a DINC, follow our blog and facebook posts, learn of new ways to save money, and sign up with us to start putting just a $100 away each month.
  2. Renewal-You might already be saving some money each month for a house, new car, engagement ring, etc. If you are at this stage you are already doing the hardest part for most people our age…you are saving. Now the tricky part is going to be to convert this hard earned cash and put it into an investment program. The great part about DINC is that it only requires a small amount of money each month into different mutual funds that allow you to choose your level of risk. Once you sign up, payments will automatically be coming out of your bank account and you’ll be compounding your interest right away.
  3. Regrowth-You might be at the stage where you are already investing which is GREAT…however, are you investing smartly? Some people are attracted to buying and selling their own stocks on Etrade, Ameritrade, etc. While you do have opportunities to gain a high reward you also (as you all must know) have a great chance of losing a lot of money. Now I’m not saying you should only buy mutual funds, I am saying you should diversify your finances. It is good to have some stock options but also you should have the “safer” investment. If you are already investing with Dollar Investment Club or doing something similar, why don’t you reevaluate your income and see if you can start to increase your investments each month. Go from $100 to $200 and see the difference that can make.

At the end of the day, the more you learn the more stable you will be in the future. You control your destiny. Spring into your finances this season and make the necessary changes. Whether you need to rebirth you finances, renew them, or grow them find a way to make an improvement. You will be one step closer to your $7 million dollar retirement.