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Australia Trip 2017: Day 41


stressSo it’s the end of September and I am pretty much freaking out about money for my trip. Not only do I have to fly across the world by myself but I need to be able to afford this trip without setting myself too far back financially. As of now I have been able to save$1,400 out of my $2,500 goal. That money is strictly going to my ticket which was about $1,500. I have two more pay checks before the big trip which are basically going to go to regular bills and paying bills while I’m gone. I really need to come up with a way to make more money and FAST.

I started looking at my monthly expenses and tried to eliminate some of my bills. The first thing I saw was my loans which I can’t change because I am already paying the minimum on them. The next was my gym membership which is at $30 a month. Now it’s not that expensive but I won’t really even be using it for the next two months with all the travel I will be doing. I called and asked if I could freeze the account for two months. This saves me $40 and I don’t have to pay the initiation fee when I reactivate it in December. The other bills I have are bills I can’t really do much about like cable, internet, gas and electric, and my Birchbox account (yes for the $10 a month I am not going to cancel my Birchbox account). I am still doing private lessons for volleyball and I will get paid this weekend another $110. So I have another $150 to add to my account. That still leaves me $950 short towards my goal. I have to come up with another idea to save money for the month of October. Hopefully I will hit it big in Vegas at my company compliance meeting. Wish me luck!

—Your I’m really freaking out but trying to keep it cool DINC friend

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